David Goliafsky (amigofriend) wrote,
David Goliafsky

Не, не удержусь, скажу кое-что за хосечанга. Читаю вот хорошее (хоть и затянутое) ревью:

"For example, Chung is able to ruminate on the similarities between hypnosis and storytelling in a way that would be difficult with any other character, but serves to underscore Morgan’s themes and ideas. “As a storyteller,” he admits to Scully, “I’m fascinated how a person’s sense of consciousness can be… so transformed by nothing more magical than listening to words. Mere words.” It is certainly a romantic idea, the suggestion that the world can be changed with a few well-chosen words. Isn’t that what magic is?
However, with that in mind, Chung also becomes a vehicle for Morgan’s own questions and doubts. After Chung compares hypnosis to the art of writing, Chrissie recalls her own hypnosis experience. “I don’t like what he’s doing,” she admits. “It’s like he’s inside my mind, like… like he’s stealing my memories.” In a way, this could be seen as Morgan’s own ethical concerns about this sort of writing. Is it right to take somebody else’s memories – their experiences, their essences – and turn those into your own stories?"

Чего уж там is it right, за такое, в общем-то, и Нобелевские премии по литературе выдают.
Tags: Случайные LJ-мысли, постсериализм
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