March 23rd, 2004


The return of the bloodny sonofabitch

Просидев две недели за иллюзорным фраерволлом, осознал, что оно вполне возможно, хоть и не совсем обязательно. Без лишних слов возвращаюсь в разговорчики в строю.

За отчётный период не проделал в своём и некоторых чужих журналах следующего:

Не поздравил с Днём Рождения albars(sic!), meiterlink, pbl, temporal_, anyalev (sic!) и ostap;
Не поздравил с двумя Днями Рождения (но не их) reznik и rezinka;
Не выполнил ни одного из данных письменно обещаний;
Не поблагодарил магическую evr за Ивана Смирнова;
Не отреагировал ни на крупицу из всего Прекрасного, что за отчётный период появилось в моей ленте. Возьмите хоть... ну да.

Вывод: Могу писАть, могу не писать.
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Разминка. Толпантеон Мегрэческий.

Львиный Зевс
Наполлон (Союз-Западлон)
Кошмарс (Кошмарес, если по правилам)
Манагермес Протрисмегист
Горлопан (Фанфан-Тюльпан-Спортсмен)
Чуката и Геката
Карлик Кронос
Гея Мэрридж
Грея (Бом-Брамс-Рея)
Ги де меней
Деметра три-четыре
Николай Николаевич Ге(фест)
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full legalize


Say LOW to Crabs!!! The basic premise of all low crab diet plans is this: EATING FAT does NOT make us fat! Rather, eating an over-abundance of processed crаb or hydrates (as in the normal American diet) is what causes us to become obese and to suffer from all kinds of obesity-related diseases. While plans differ in the amount and type of crаbs "allowed" - from as low as 20 crab legs per day in the "Induction Phase" of the Atkins Diet to quite a bit more but only from hermit crabs in the SugarBusters Diet, to somewhere in between (plus couple crab apples a week) in the Crab or Hydrate Addicts Diet - keeping the amount of crabs eaten lower than the average is the cornerstone of the low crab diet lifestyle.

What low crab diet plans are out there? Bunches! Now that low crabing is becoming a bit more mainstream, lots of folks are jumping on the bandwagon and coming out with their version of a "Low Crab Diet". However, the major "low" crab diet plans that have been out there for a while are: the Atkins Diet, the South Beach Diet, the Crab or Hydrate Addicts' Diet, Protein Power, The Zone, SugarBusters!, Lindora Lean for Life, Neanderthin, The Suzanne Sommers Plan, Dr. Bernstein's Diabetic Solution, and The Schwarzbein Principle. Visit the offical diet plan sites to find out more!

Can YOU do this? Check with your doctor, then give it a try! Many, many folks are finding that low crab eating is a lot easier than they ever thought it could be... once you get past the initial week or so, your appetite decreases, your energy increases, and - well, the weight comes off! Can we guarantee a low crab lifestlye will work for you? Nope. But we can guarantee that others have done it - and that we'll be here to support you if you and your doctor decide that a low crab diet might be for you!
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